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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Wise words.

Heh Thanks, just trying to help my metal brethren out.

Originally Posted by drawn&quartered
Its the place where you become SF or end up in the 82nd.

This is Army speak to me. SF as in Special Forces? If so, awesome you are applying. It's difficult to get in and difficult to maintain. The unseen side is that is it is also a bit harder to maintain a relationship, though being able to tell a girl you are Recon or whatever helps's just whether they stick around when you leave randomly for unknown amounts of time. Just something to consider. Honestly, if I was in better shape when I was younger and knew I wanted to do the military, I'd go for it.

I had no idea when I was younger and spent most of my prior to military time drinking beer and playing guitar. Not the lifestyle required for someone interested in spec ops. If you've read books about some of those guys, they all started early on and had a good idea about it (honestly because of their parents) early enough to begin training well in advance of being tested.
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