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Originally Posted by Pr0az
Crossing over soon. I want to be an officer for sure. I just hate OCS is 12 weeks, can't imagine being locked away again for a long period of time.

Cool, it definitely has it's perks. It comes with a different array of drawbacks though, it's not all golf and having dinner at the O-Club. The thing for me is that the higher you get, the more politics start creeping into it.

OCS is "fun". hah It's one of those things that sucks but when you look back on it you just have to laugh. I'd never want to go back, that is for sure.

Where at in Hawaii? I lived there a long time ago, over at Kaneohe Bay.

Originally Posted by drawn&quartered
Yea, I might go that path one day. When I get out of swc though I will only have about 2 years left on my contract. So I'll either stay on that path or GTFO of here. Plans don't like to stay together here though.

I also do get block leave in July

I hear you on that, lockdown sucks.

What's SWC? I'm over in Monterey now and had to extend my time in to get the orders I have now, so I'll be here for 18 months, Newport, RI for 6, probably Dahlgren, VA for 6 weeks or so then do two 18 month sea tours somewhere. Hopefully in Florida but it's tough to get. It's small and people tend to stay there once they get there.

Play it by ear though and have a plan if you decide to get out.
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