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Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
You can still cross over to the dark side down the road I imagine.

Ehh don't feel bad, I rarely ever take leave other than Xmas or pre/post deployment. At my last command, I took 1 day off and then I took 4 or 5 off to go see my brother get married.

Yea, I might go that path one day. When I get out of swc though I will only have about 2 years left on my contract. So I'll either stay on that path or GTFO of here. Plans don't like to stay together here though.

I also do get block leave in July
Originally Posted by Pr0az
Crossing over soon. I want to be an officer for sure. I just hate OCS is 12 weeks, can't imagine being locked away again for a long period of time.

I hear you on that, lockdown sucks.
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