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Best death metal setting / rp200 pedal/ pinch harmonics( Sound tech questions)

Hey guys
I Have been playing for a few years and am struggling not so much on my technique and theory development, but my guitar tech knowledge and getting the best sound for metal. I am open to suggestions on how I can get the best tone based on what im looking for. I want a heavy death metal hi gain setting where you an really scream pinch harmonics like guys the killswitch / lamb of god / most modern metal bands. I know everyone out there will be like ( I can pinch harmonic an acoustic dude ), and Im sure you can so can I but I cant get em crisp and screaming like the good guys. This could be technique related and I am open to suggestions in that department as well. I am also open to new gear suggestions

My gear
BC rich warlock with EMG 81-85
RP200 digitech pedal
Behringer VTone 70 watt

I can hit PH's on 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings (E,B,G) but cant get them consistently on the thicker strings. Ive heard that Vpicks help.

Appreciate all who took time to read
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