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Originally Posted by Pr0az
Fuck remember the fake special forces captain who claimed to be in charge of the Oklahoma bridge collapse? He was obese, didn't follow regs on his uniform and it took a few days for someone to start asking questions.

The Marine who stood in front of a school after the attacks at the elementery school ended up being a chump. Stayed in for a little over a year...claimed to be an E5,had gone to Iraq , and Afganistain. None of which was true he did state he never said any of that.

This is what I get for drinking and believing I can troll around the webs, especially this green abyss, and not get caught up in things. Now I'm back at it like a crack fiend. Curse you Nomad. How much of my life will I spend here lol.

Anyways, I didn't know that about the guy at the school. Someone asked me a few months ago what I thought it about it. I understood him wanting to help people feel secure but at the same time it seemed like attention whoring. I don't believe schools need or want military types deciding to stand guard unannounced at school doors; and I'm really certain they don't want lone wolf, military wanna be, survivalist wrack jobs doing it. If a community asked for veterans, military, and police to volunteer to stand guard then there would be no shortage. A few people standing watch with the right training and radios might have a positive effect, but it would need to be properly organized. None of this lone wolf shit.

As for these other fakes, I read not long ago that some court decided that it was protected under freedom of speech to claim military service, wear a uniform and metals, despite the stolen valor act. Basically, its ok to disrespect every person that has actually earned those things.

Check these punks out. Hell, I might as well create my very own NASA space shuttle door gunner combat badge and add it to my uniform if this is the case
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