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So many veterans now on MT. Perhaps start our very own international metal militia Metal Tabs for the fuck of it lol? For the sake of heavy music. I would sport a IMMMT badge at the VFW. Not like the older crew don't try driving me out by the glare and stares for not having cut my hair in 6 years as it is. I meet some guys that joined after I EAOSed, did 4 years and love calling me a tree hugging hippy based only on the length of my beard and hair... Not that there is anything wrong with being a tree hugging hippy but those dumb ass nubs never expect my verbal assault after that derogatory mislabeling mistake. My point being is not to judge someone from looks, but I do remember people being warmer to me at veteran clubs when I had a briefly short chopped hair cut. My life in CIVLANDNAVFLT has been what I've made it and I'm living my own dreams to include long hair and beard, but I also miss active duty Navy a tiny bit everyday. A very tiny bit lol.

My greatest bitch is the shitbag fucktards that claim to be military, show up to military funerals, civil functions, or parading at bars wearing a dress uniform, on top with chest candy medals they never earned and don't know how to wear in the right order. Yet when asked their name and how they got WWII medals while only being in their 20's its "black ops classified". Welcome to the greatest ass kicking ever by my hand at that point. I will not tolerate it.

Any of you ever deal with military fakes before? I got one person still on my shit list locally that claims to be a Marine. I've known him since the mid 90's and he isn't any kind of combat Marine yet claims to be one with honors. I heard him say it once when he didn't know I was near, had it posted all over his facespace I later found out, and claimed all kinds of shit at a bar once while he didn't know other real veterans were there listening. He was discharged from the Marines after 10 months for different reasons depending who you ask in 98'. I know that for certain. While I can commend the effort of giving it a go I can't let him ride on that alone. It looks as though he may have been dishonorably discharged but refuses let anyone help him get a copy of his DD214. Fact is, he is a fake and a scam artist. He has no combat in Afgan or Iraq; no medals; no nothing. He wasn't even allowed to have his uniforms when discharged in 98'. He has been a social leech, a parasite really, that passes from one person to another with a sad story to tell every time... a vet Marine just down on his luck. I've seen him pull the stunt 10 times I know of in the last 3 years on close friends of mine. I warned them but they had to try and help someone in dire need of assistance. In every case I know of he stole from each place he leaves. It super pisses me off.

Drunk rant over
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