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Well, it's like this. For a long time, the State Television had a monopoly enforced by law on TV broadcasts, and it was financed directly via a licensing fee levied on anyone in possession of "equipment meant for receiving TV broadcasts". Idea being that it shouldn't be dependent on politically controlled tax funding. In practice a bunch of horse shit, but I'll admit it's a sympathetic idea. Anyhows, this gave rise to a whole gamut of stupid problems when the first privately owned channel was starting up. We seriously had members of parliament suggesting a ban on receivers for satellite TV. Now we have new devices and the internet - and the State Television has decided to expand and start broadcasting live via the internet. Thus it follows that they believe themselves entitled to a fee from anyone owning a computer - because we could possibly see their stuff. Some of us are a) godsdamn fucking enraged by this, and b) see a possibility to start a process that will destroy the whole concept of state media in Sweden once and for all.

Wow, that walled up pretty quickly.
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