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Originally Posted by Dyldo
That scene has already (kinda) been created. If you've seen 28 Days Later, when whats-his-face is wondering through a diserted London in the beginning, that's GY!BE playing. You should check out there earlier stuff. And yeah, like a lot of 'post-rock' you need patience but its best not to listen for an end result, just kind of let it take you where it takes you without expectations.

Aw fuck I haven't seen that movie in a while. That was really good. I'll have to watch it again and listen for that cue. Pretty awesome score for the rest of the film, too. John Murphy.
Originally Posted by PST 88
The bottom of that 'Don't Click' picture is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. 'No, I really DO have a vagina! It's right here!'

Blackwater (Friend's Metal Band)

R.I.P Paddy. My dear and loving father will never be forgotten.
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