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I can imagine GY!BE being played over one of the most intense and gripping movie scenes ever created. It hasn't been created yet and I'm not sure what is going on besides some guy getting access to information that someone is trying to keep from him.

I heard some earlier stuff from them a couple years back (I guess that made what I was listening to at least 8 years old) and I got a similar vibe: you need lots of patience while listening to this. Pretty cool, though. I listened to the first track. Sounds like a combination of Nathan Johnson (Brick, Looper), Sigur Rós, and Liquid Tension Experiment.

I usually enjoy more themes in this type of music. Their intros sound like Boards Of Canada. They make me want to listen to Boards Of Canada.
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The bottom of that 'Don't Click' picture is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. 'No, I really DO have a vagina! It's right here!'

Blackwater (Friend's Metal Band)

R.I.P Paddy. My dear and loving father will never be forgotten.
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