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Any of you guys seen all the three Starship Troopers movies? S'funny, I always rather despised the first one. I've read Heinlein's book countless times, and to me it seemed like the movie not only missed more than one vital point of the story - everything in it is so godawful stupid I wanna hit myself in the head with a frying pan just to try and see if it'll restore a few burned braincells. Just take the main component of it all - Mobile Infantry soldier versus bug. In the book, the bugs are every bit as ferocious as in the movie. Thing is, every single soldier of the MI is an extremely well trained elite soldier, wearing a power armour equivalent of a modern tank battalion. In the movie... yeeeea, nuff said.
But, here's the funny thing. I've now seen all three movies back to back and I... kinda think they're pretty damn good, all in all. Thing is, Heinlein carried a lot of points in the mixture of satire and straight up action adventure. And when the movies finally get to go full circle with the sheer manic madness of perpetual war, gleeful propaganda and religious awakening - they do too. Sure, it's not the deepest thoughts and most clever execution, but taken all together I thought they brought the whole thing much farther than I'd ever expected.

So yea, anyone feel for a marathon of mixing thought provoking themes, entertaining human-on-slimy-hell-spawn-fighting and boobs (yes ladies, there's some nice abs for you, too) I'd say give 'em a try.
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