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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
Id like to have access to my work Probably gonna back it up next time
Hopefully the following is recent enough to contain all of your shit, but if not the newer shit will most likely still be floating around in the Pending Tabs forum:

Originally Posted by Amadeus
Might throw this out there, should it ever go to shits completely...
I have a pretty large account booked on a server that I'm not currently using - aaand it has a working, legal vbulletin installation. Someone else would have to do the actual work, but I wouldn't mind handing the space over to you, just to see how long it would take before the web hotel starts smelting.
Yea, like I said, just as a back-up if anyone can be arsed when we can't keep this carousel spinning anymore.
Your generosity, selflessness, willingness to help those in need and your general positive attitude to life and community makes me fucking SICK.

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