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Evile might the best out there (I miss you, Ol!) as far as the thrash revival goes, but their sound isn't very similar to Laaz Rockit. I think their style compares better with, say, Exodus, Razor, or Slayer. Good stuff, though.

Municipal Waste are also thought of quite highly... again, nothing like Laaz Rockit, probably closer to say Nuclear Waste/S.O.D./Cryptic Slaughter type stuff.

I've also heard some material by Warbeast and a newer Brazilian band called Violator that I really enjoyed. Warbeast only have one album, but I enjoyed it immensely. I have no idea how much shit Violator has put out, I just listened to one album recently and it was good. Have actually never heard of Vektor, will check them out. For the most part, I'd agree that you're generally better off digging up obscure stuff (soooooooo much easier these days than it was when I was a kid gobbling up used cassettes from every pawn shop in SE MA) than spending too much time on the newer scene.

There are a some good bands here and there, but overall the magic is gone. The scene as a whole is lacking in originality... those few good bands make it by on the strength of good riffs, energy, and attitude. If you're not into all that, I'd just go back and dig through the fictional bargain bins at filestube dot com and find some older stuff. If you need a link or two to get you started, feel free to PM me.
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