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The following is based on a true story.

estringrev and Chris Rezendes
riding on the back of the bus
they snuck up front and the driver saw
and immediately started to cus
he called them names and he kicked them off
and they had to walk to town
they weren't allowed to ride again
and all because they're brown

so they walked and hiked and trudged and traipsed
the miles along the road
and they reached a bridge that crossed a river
and they found a hoppy toad
and the toad was magic and he granted one wish
for estringrev's birthday
and he thought and wished and imagined and dreamed
and opened his mouth to say...

...what he said, so he said, and the wish came true
and a party enveloped the two
and they sat at a table with hip-hop and boxing
and football and nike shoes
and they ate fried chicken and gorged on watermelon
and drank malt liquor on the lawn
and overweight white girls with enormous buttocks
entertained our heroes til dawn
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!
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