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Hey all anyone remember me? Nah, I suppose not

Life has fecking crazy here *sighs* been plagued by violent migraines and trying to get them under control. Been back and forth to doc & neurologist for a year now. Been on different preventive drugs which didn't work now on a course of accupuncture, got another session in a couple of weeks time then that'll be me. To see how things go. Won't be going back on preventative drugs 'cause they don't work. Just taking 3 anadin extra when I get a migraine and go back to bed to sleep it off seems to work. Been off the booze since last year cause of the drugs and now I can drink again I don't want too. The desire to drink has left me. Also am off so much fecking food 'cause of the migraines it's unreal! *sighs* but am getting there slowly. My studies have been put on hold 'cause of them too.

Anyway, just popped in quickly to say am still alive (of sorts). Will try to pop in more often but sometimes real life gets in the way.
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