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I'd say they're fairly well known among the so-called "second tier" thrash bands of the day, especially among those who enjoy the Bay Area sound, but I do appreciate your greater point. It took me a while to get into them, actually; I tried when I was still a teenager, but the first two albums did nothing for me. At the time it left me with a very Motley Crue-ish impression... I wasn't even sure how they got labeled thrash.

Finally about 4 or 5 years ago I gave Nothing$ $acred a spin and I was like, "hey, this IS thrash. Good thrash, too." Then I listened to Annihilation Principle and Know Your Enemy and fell in love. After a while I even gave the first two albums another chance and they weren't as bad as I remembered. For some reason I never listened to anything after Nothing$ $acred, though. Could be great shit for all I know.
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