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Originally Posted by Paddy
There are another 8 episodes coming, making 16 in all. They will begin airing next summer. This is what AMC and Vince Willigan have said, at least.

Awww FUCK! Another fucking year...
Originally Posted by Paddy
More Spoilings

I'm interested to know what Hank's next move will be. Obviously I know what will ultimately happen, but as soon as he pinches off a log and wipes his crease is he gonna go straight for the kill and arrest him there and then or will he bide his time and play it cool for a while or what the fuck?

I doubt they'll go this way with the writing but it's BB so anything's possible: do you reckon maybe Hank will want to keep it all quiet out of sheer embarrassment?

Whatever gets us to the end I think it's gonna be a Scarface-style shoot-out. That M60 in the trunk of the car in the first episode and the shoot-out scene of Scarface playing on the TV in a later ep seem to be heavily hinting at it.

I think Walt will find out Hank knows before Hank does anything, so Walt's in a position to kill him before anything happens. So many possibilities though... and what's up with all the bugs in the show?

I actually restarted the series last night as I haven't re-watched any of it, ever, so, I guess its been 5 years or so since I've seen Walt with hair and it BLEW MY MIND. But seriously, its really interesting seeing it all over again, and how right away there was deaths involve - you'd think Jesse would have gotten it by now that people are going to die.
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