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Paddy, I really can't fucking believe you got it. You look at my profile? It would have given it away fast. Damn, if the Olympics were awarding liquor I bet the Potato country would be loaded with gold farm scaries.

Seriously, great job catching my self serving thread. I was looking forward to some flak after like 9 years, but the party had to end one day. I don't post much now but I will reiterate this; it is in my death will this site will be notified when I pass. Mrs Soul, maybe someone logging in as me, or a noob account will make it known.

Metal Gods know my right lung, the Taliban, and being born has thus' failed, yet I know the shit will one day be in the mail. Until then and every damn day while I'm alive It is the time we have as a individual that you have to make count for something in the future.

Cheers to MT

Edit: My MT birthday wish is the Burt Reynolds avatar might go away lol.
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