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Her lover guy isn't dead, he wound up in hospital after a botched hostage situation (by which Skyler wanted the lover guy to sign a cheque to pay the tax peeps after he continually refused to do so). He's now in one of those cages that they bolt into your skull haha.

Skyler is starting to surprise me. When I think back to the first few episodes and compare her to how she is now it's pretty fuckin' bleak. When she said she was waiting for SPOILERS --------------- > the cancer to return because she had no other plan to get rid of Walt it was really glaring how fucking hopeless their marriage is - the pretence was well and truly over. Walt's reaction was fucking grim, too. I almost felt sorry for him haha.

You know, I've been thinking about how Walt will eventually die but I've never really thought about Skyler's "ending". I wouldn't be surprised if she winds up dead before Walt. In fact, the complete gut-wrenching injustice of it would make this show even more awesomer!
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