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Originally Posted by drawn&quartered
It's shit like this that really pisses me off:

Oh my god. My brain is so overloaded with fuck right now because of how absolutely retarded that is. Shit like this is actually impressive, that is, the level of total absurdness conspiracy theory 'enthusiasts' will believe/come up with.

I typed up a big response to that, but it was basically a check-list of everything wrong with that article and the world and was redundant.

Such an awful fucking thing to have happened. I was reading earlier about one of the women that died had survived another mass shooting a year or so earlier at a food court in (I think) Canada. That is some crazy bad luck. She had blogged about it too, I need to find it.

Has anyone here been in a situation sharing a kind of life-or-death scenario that involved a crowd of people (it could be a fire, natural disaster, etc)? If so, what? And how did you react?
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