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Originally Posted by YOUR_GOD_IS_DEAD
Ah so it wasn't much different from mainland. It was humid as hell here for the last half of the week. It felt like east coast weather.

Yeah it was pretty hot and muggy in the mornings but cleared up.

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
I never got on the island, just went near it twice on a big Gray ship. The USS Gray FF1054, destroyer escort or fast ,whichever you want to call it. And I went under the Coronado Bridge before I ever went over it, too.

You didn't miss out on much. Avalon, the main town, is quaint from a distance but when you're in it its just really touristy, kitsch, and expensive (and the bay is like the 2nd dirtiest in the state). There is some good hiking and fishing but its a lot better at Two Harbors where I was which is a lot more remote and and pretty. You can do all there is to do in two days (though I could snorkel there for a good full day as it was really awesome, stingrays and sharks EVERYWHERE). There are some dudes there that spear fish every morning so I'm hoping if I go again before her work contract ends I can hook up with them and see if they'll teach me. They made some awesome ceviche with fresh caught halibut.

The first time I went to Avalon was in high school with a couple friends and we all dropped acid. Never again.
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