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ASCII Tabbers Need Notepad++

This free & open source application is primarily designed for programmers/coders, but I've been using it to format my ASCII/text tabs and it has some fucking fantastic features for working with plain text.

The most awesome feature it has from a tabber's perspective is vertical drag selection; you can hold Alt and drag your mouse across text in vertical columns. This makes it extremely easy to select an entire bar of tab, cut it and paste it onto the end of another bar (it pastes in vertical columns too!). I can't tell you how fantasticles this is. Except just now when I said it's fantasticles.

Seriously, if you work with ASCII tabs, especially if you export them from Guitar Pro or Power Tab and need to clean 'em up, this is the dog's bollocks, ballsack and also blowjobs and money.

It supports plugins, too:
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