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I was thinking of adding some minimal soundproofing to my bedroom walls (all of my hot girlfriends cum way too loudly loll) but I have little money and no experience with anything of this nature.

I play guitar with my headphones on, but even so it's still audible enough to keep people in the next room(s) awake. The twanging of the strings and the buzzing from my headphones is pretty noticeable, especially late at night. The wall between me and the next room is a hollow sandwich consisting of plasterboard and wood struts/frame. That's the wall that needs attention, but I'm not sure if it's even feasible to just do one wall. Anyway, I don't mind nailing old blankets to the walls or whatever, but I'd rather know it'll work before I get out the hammer!

As I said, the amount of noise I'm trying to obliterate isn't that impressive; there are no crazy bass frequencies to worry about or the like. Just twangs and headphone-born buzzing from the distortion, and possibly cracks of the snare drum when I use a backing track.

I'd also like to be able to masturbate without my fucking ears being the most sensitive part of my body owing to the constant listening out for "stirring" from the next room. Fucking motherfuckers.

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