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Hey you computer wizards, help needed. I know how many angles you can get on the circumstances, so just fire away on that front. Now, my problem:
A friend of mine works at a women's shelter in town. She told me they could use a computer program for filling in the form they use when someone new comes seeking help. Of course, form fillers abound on the net, but there are a couple of extra features that would be useful:
Required login. The primary point of this is so that the program stores who fills in a form.
Automatic back-up. Yea, I know, but IF there happened to be a program with a nifty feature that just allows you to check a box to have it routinely copy all the files in a directory to a USB or something, that would make my day.

So yea, if anyone has any ideas on this I'd be happy to hear it. I'm currently testing a bunch of open source form fillers and having a look at what it would take to tweak them to suit our needs, but you never know when someone has a shortcut for ya!
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