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Wow, so it's been about 4 years...

Well hello again

I got an email the other day that reminded me of this place, so I thought i'd briefly check and say hello... especially as I just read the thread about moe_blunts Suffice to say, i'm still here doing my thing.

So since my last post about 4 years ago, I went to uni, finished uni, left London and now I work for an manufacturer of audio gear, installing equipment and training people how to use it.... when I was last here, I was still working in a supermarket! :/

It's good to see that there are still some of the old-timers kicking around, i'll try and pop in more often, when lift permits, but fortunately/unfortunately i'm often out of the country, but i'll try my best!

Take care all, stay safe, yea?

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