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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Reqtum, the day you have a higher vertical than Shaq is the day I believe you're not a virgin.

Mine is 38". That's me lying on the internet, though.

First off: Bobbi.... you are dirty haha. that made me LOL.

and Dylan, that made me laugh, too hahaha. Damn, today is a good day for MT already... better than the last month has been.

Reqtum I will seriously need a video if you get to 48". Mugsy Bogues had a 42" vertical and he was 5'3" haha. Nuts. That would be so awesome to be able to dunk when you're that short... still wouldn't get you any girls, though. That isn't enough.

Anyway, train those fast twitch muscle fibers, broseph.
Originally Posted by PST 88
The bottom of that 'Don't Click' picture is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. 'No, I really DO have a vagina! It's right here!'

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R.I.P Paddy. My dear and loving father will never be forgotten.
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