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Originally Posted by Dyldo
How the fuck did you get stung 15 times in your ankle? I can see that making one sick, that's a lot of venom (its venom, right? poison has to be ingested?).

My girlfriend has been doing volunteer work with bee keepers. I don't know why but it seems pretty cool. She said they literally picked up a fresh honeycomb rack-thing, brushed off the bees, poked it, and let the fresh honey drip onto bread to eat.

Well, my dad has a bee-keeping hobby, and owns two hives. One of the hives birthed a new queen, so the hive split up and moved to the top of the tree. We were working on getting it down, my dad wanted me to climb up the tree and shake them off the tree and into a box so he could start a new hive. I had a beesuit on but forgot to put on boots so my ankles were exposed. Those little fuckers found the weak spot right away. I dont think I ever climbed down a tree that fast, or ever told one of my parents to go fuck themselves before this.

Usually they are very non-aggressive, you can walk right in front of their hive and they wont give a shit, the problem is when you start shaking them.

The honey is usually worth it for the amount of work bees require. (not very much) I dont think they are expensive either.
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