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Haha, the biggest leak of US tech to China was done right under the nose of NASA. Why do you think Congress slapped that export ban down a few years back? A satellite was going up on a Long March rocket, it crashed and the Chinese authorities started to very politely require all sorts of information about the satellite in order to clear up what happened. And don't underestimate the power of that piece of legislation; it plays merry hell with many European projects who suddenly get a bunch of Americans breathing down their necks because they're using some nifty little American gadget.

It is a little annoying, though. I mean, as it was ESA and India was quickly heading up to take the lead in the space sector. Then when congress sent NASA away on yet another phallus project - oh, I mean super rocket project - which probably isn't gonna amount to anything more than the other ones, I half anticipated Europe to finally solidify its place as Americas replacement in space. But SpaceX, Sierra, Orbital and the rest might very well flip this around.

Dragon 9 just made a perfect rendezvous with ISS, by the way.
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