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Primus - tommy the cat
Primus - jerry was a racecar driver
Red hot chili peppers - Easily/Coffee Shop
Black sabbath - N.I.B
Audioslave - Cochise (yeah.....its a catchy bassline)
Rancid - Blood clot
Red Hot chili peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (great half power chords slide)
Rancid - Sidekick
Victor Wooten - Classical Thump
NOFX - The Decline
Red Hot chili peppers - right on time
Primus - Is it luck?
Operation Ivy - Soundsystem
Rancid - Journey to the end of the east bay
Primus - Laquer Head
Rancid - maxwell murder
Red hot chili peppers - Blackeyed Blonde (get the live version,its faster)
Rancid - Dope sick girl
(Primus)-Les claypool - Bass solo
Level 42 - Love Games
Billy Sheehan - Crazy frigin bass solo (find it on kazaa, or on his website)
Mudvayne - severed
Mudvayne - not falling (Ryknow uses some weird rhythm technique is this song)

Try and put all them songs to bed in a week!

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