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Does anyone here read script books? I bought Boogie Nights for 0.25 from a book store that's closing down, thinking it was an actual book, but it's just the fuckin' script. As interested as I am in film I'm not so interested that I'm gonna read a script while I do my poops! So, the first person to PM me their deets will receive it in the mail for free!!! FREE!!!!!!! I'll inscribe it if you like, too!! For just 4.95!!!!!

It's a pretty small book, which is probably why I assumed it was a novel. The fact that I was buying about a dozen books at once for the same price and therefore not bothering to check anything too closely also exonerates me from any charges of being a fuckin' numpty. I thought script books were all huge floppy fuckers. That's, like, the law of the books or something!

Snowtown is fucking awesome. Bought it on Blu-ray and everything! I also got Bad Lieutenant on Blu-ray with all of those yummy extras on it including a frustrating but enjoyable commentary from Abel Ferrera. He's some sort of ex-junkie and he still talks like he's just about to catch a dragon. He starts telling you something really interesting, then just as he's about to tell you the important part he notices/remembers something else and then forgets what he was saying before. Out of 100 anecdotes I think he finished about 12.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm spent.
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