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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Yea, but we've had a combination of declining birth rates and a lot of drop-outs from the engineering programs.
Therefore, according to maths and science and such, engineers get more poontang. That explains why my degree in media studies has been so ineffectual in securing sexual congress within the fanjinas of girlfolk.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
In my particular field, the average rate of graduates is four per year and we tend do disperse over a large part of the world.
In your particular field you plant turnips, then when they mature to full size you paint a face on them and call them Wilson and hold mock political elections and debates with them which you only win about 60% of the time because you're Swedish.

Any electricians here? For some reason I always had a weird nagging in the back of my mind to get into it, but I know it'd simply lead to my fatal electrocution because of my tendency to lick things which are new to me.
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