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He was killed instantly in a car crash. There's a brief paragraph about him in one of Bobbi's links:

I didn't know him off-site either, but he was a fixture of this place. It feels like he's left a gaping vacuum behind on the forum. Christ knows what his family's going through...

Internet friendships suck for this very reason; if a fucker dies we're lucky if we ever hear about it (maybe lucky isn't the right word). It's especially harrowing if you have reason to suspect that the person in question might be in danger of death - a guy I met here in 2005 (he only posted a few times but we became friends off-site) vanished several years ago. All of the websites and forums he frequented went cold at the same time, no replies to emails, no activity on MSN, and we had no mutual friends. That's bad enough, but he lives in Jordan, so it's like the chances of him having been murdered/killed are instantly trebled, which makes my desire to know even stronger, but if he is dead I'll never know.

I wonder if moe ever finished reading those indecipherable Scottish books haha...
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