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Patrik is one of the last Swedes to have actually been born, owing to the Squishy Laws passed in the Swedish parliament during the 80s which forbid the natural conception and birth process for reasons of health and safety. All Swedes created after Amadeus, therefore, come in flat-packs with very little in the way of clear instructions for assembly, which is why so many of them are walking around with their legs and arms in the wrong place and why so many parents are left with a seemingly complete child and yet are still in possession of several important-looking components which didn't seem to fit anywhere and are now kept in the drawer next to the kitchen sink in case they're discovered to be useful later.

May you receive much joy from your sugar-free regulation-size birthday cake and may the fire department representative assigned to your birthday event get much pleasure from using a specially designed miniature fire extinguisher to blow out the candles on your behalf for your own safety and well-being, not only from the fire but also from the adverse health effects associated with exhaling slightly harder than normal.

Have a good'n, sugartits
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