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Originally Posted by blitz906
I've never tried vanilla beer, but I would love to.

Not sure if you're a porter fan or not, but this stuff looks good.

God all vanilla beers sound so good to me. Unfortunately that one isn't available near me, according to their beer locator.

Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
I have been unable to find that black metal beer anywhere! I'll trade you some east coasty beers (dogfish, victory, founder's or troeg's) for one of those. What's the thrash metal beer supposed to be like? I can only imagine something fruity and german.

When I go to pick up mine I'd be willing to get another to send out to you for a trade of equal value (its $20 [the restaurant marks it up of course, but they're cool enough to let me take it out] and about the size of a wine bottle) if they have any others left (they only had 3 as of Saturday). If they're out, would you want the Thrash Metal beer? They have that too and its a bit cheaper (its a strong Belgian. Here it is on Beer Advocate) and I'd be willing to do the same.

I get most Dogfish Head out here, though I haven't heard of those others. I'll check 'em out and see IF THEY ARE WORTHY!
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