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In answer to your question, it's actually not preferable, in these United States, to masquerade as a ginger. Maybe in dar al-Islam or something, but not here. You understand that the Irish came to this nation as slaves and never managed to raise their estate, whereas Jews literally own the country, yes? Anyway, I'm tired of this Daniel O'Connell/Benjamin Disraeli vein.

You did take me to the one great taco spot on my last day, Dyldo. That just made me even angrier about the Chipotle, but it was baller.

Florencia 13's not bad, but not very genuine; though NYC's just not a great place for Mexican food, even if it has its good points. You have to understand that different cities in the US attracted migration from different regions of Mexico; NYC attracted Pueblanos, primarily, and their specialty, in my experience, is cemitas. So I can't point you in the direction of any genuine taquerias (Empellon is supposed to be the shit, but it's run by a white boy molecular pastry chef), but I know a few places to get a banging cemita.

The whole 'hole-in-the-wall v. fine dining' thing is almost a pointless discussion. In this country, very few cities can sustain a single, genuine fine-dining restaurant, which puts it out of the reach of almost everybody as a direct experience. However, these restaurants train a huge number of cooks, who depart with an expert level of knowledge regarding technique, tradition, flavor combinations, etc - and very few of whom will have the opportunity, or even desire, to create another fine dining restaurant. This can only be good for everybody.

That said, there's always going to be the little ethnic place, staffed by shoemakers working with the cheapest and shittiest product, who'll dunk on everybody because they're still doing it according to a tradition we can't touch. It's a funny industry that way.
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