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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Naaah. That dinner I posted ran me just around $25, and I have lots of left-overs (and it got me through a bottle and a half of El Yucateco!). Eating great can be done cheaply if you know where to go. I think a good majority of my all time favorite dishes are from hole-in-the-walls

Only sushi and foie gras are expensive and I don't eat either very often. My favorite places are also tiny hole in the walls, but usually you have to be in a big city to reap those kinds of benefits. Like sandwiches made with the best baguette in NY and exotic ingredients for $7 kind of benefits.

Originally Posted by Dyldo
My new favorite find is this old-school lonchera that serves Baja style seafood that you'd find the actual natives eating outside of the resorts. They've got this HUGE tostada that is piled with scallop, marlin, crab, octopus, and shrimp with some kind of sweet, burny salsa and pickled onions. Holy fuck is it amazing. Its also home to what is the best fish taco I've ever had in my life and the only place I know of that serves manta ray (which really just tastes like a good white fish, though more "sturdy")!

I hate you. And NO I haven't tried Florencia 13 yet, because I'm in Philly until August
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