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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
You guys are way over my taste buds and price ranges.

Naaah. That dinner I posted ran me just around $25, and I have lots of left-overs (and it got me through a bottle and a half of El Yucateco!). Eating great can be done cheaply if you know where to go. I think a good majority of my all time favorite dishes are from hole-in-the-walls which is why PST is wrong and just trying to impress me so he can get my creme fraiche all over his face.

Richard, do you remember when you were down here and I had no idea where to eat beyond a mediocre Italian place and Chipotle? Its embarassing to think about how long I went not knowing what a foodie paradise Orange County is. If you ever come back, its off to Santa Ana and Little Saigon we go.

Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
I would literally murder you for just 1 authentic taco! Do you think they keep in the mail? I'll trade you for some foie gras once they take it out of your greasy, goose-torturing hands!

Hahaha, I'm sure if you did over-night shipping it wouldn't be too much of a quality loss. I've never had day-old tacos that haven't been refrigerated but I have had 4 - 5 days old tacos that were and it worked. And you can keep your abominated goose liver! I got a dealer, he's got the real shit, man, the shit he serves is pulled out of the goose's body as it's heart still beats and you get to consume it as you watch the life fade from its beady, black eyes.

With the Mexican here, there's more than just those extraordinary tacos, though. Huaraches, pambazos, huetlacoche-everything, alambres, sopes, empanadas, birria stew, pozole, all things mariscos, moles... all envoking that same "OH MY GOD!" authentic, cheap, fresh quality that I literally don't think you can get anywhere else in the states (or at least in such close proximity and regional diversity, though I could be wrong, I haven't been to many border states). My new favorite find is this old-school lonchera that serves Baja style seafood that you'd find the actual natives eating outside of the resorts. They've got this HUGE tostada that is piled with scallop, marlin, crab, octopus, and shrimp with some kind of sweet, burny salsa and pickled onions. Holy fuck is it amazing. Its also home to what is the best fish taco I've ever had in my life and the only place I know of that serves manta ray (which really just tastes like a good white fish, though more "sturdy")!

Its the one thing I usually miss when I'm traveling. I lie to friends and family that I miss them. I just miss the tacos and above and I'm not ashamed of it!

Maybe PST knows where they best Mexican food is in NYC? I've tried everything from trucks in Williamsburg, to that one place in Bushwick, to Rosa Mexicano but nothing compares to what you guys get in LA.

Did you try that Florencia 13 place I mentioned? The food columnist in that article is one of my favorites, a good writer with great taste and a walking encyclopedia of everything food (and also a great name on the OC/LA Chowhound boards when he's not writing for OC Weekly) so if he says that place is worthy of a SoCal expat's palate, I'd definitely check it out.

I made the broth from scratch from what I had on hand...I always have some frozen mushroom broth left over from reconstituting dried morels and porcinis, and I needed a cabbagey, seaweedy flavor since I couldn't find wakame either so I used pu-erh because it has that funky aftertaste and I thought it would complement the mushrooms. Felt like a goddamned genius.

Nice! I'm pretty much newb 101 when it comes to broths.
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