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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Dat sounds guud. Did you make the broth from scratch or was it pre-made? The other night I grilled up some marinated carne asada and buche with some Oaxacan peppers stuffed with queso fresco and cotija cheese and some pork marinated in chilies. My girlfriend made some simple, though surprisingly amazing quesodillas out of some hand-made tortillas we got from the local Carniceria. Yeah, boi!

LA/OC is doing what Chicago once did with the anti-foie gras laws (to take place in June, I think?) so its been fucking EVERYWHERE lately. I wouldn't be surprised to see a foie gras handsoap sometime soon.

I would literally murder you for just 1 authentic taco! Do you think they keep in the mail? I'll trade you for some foie gras once they take it out of your greasy, goose-torturing hands! Maybe PST knows where they best Mexican food is in NYC? I've tried everything from trucks in Williamsburg, to that one place in Bushwick, to Rosa Mexicano but nothing compares to what you guys get in LA.

I made the broth from scratch from what I had on hand...I always have some frozen mushroom broth left over from reconstituting dried morels and porcinis, and I needed a cabbagey, seaweedy flavor since I couldn't find wakame either so I used pu-erh because it has that funky aftertaste and I thought it would complement the mushrooms. Felt like a goddamned genius.
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