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Originally Posted by PST 88
Jiro Dreams of Sushi is about the best food movie I've seen. If you can see it, do, and hope you're somewhere near a world-class sushi restaurant afterward (NYC folk, see it at the IFC and head to Ushiwakamaru after). He's everything I want to be when I grow up, except Japanese, and kinda a dick to his son.

I still need to check out Ushiwakamaru. I think I'd be hard pressed to not go to Sushi of Gari or Sushi Seki if I was in NYC. Haven't been blown away by other sushi places in New York (looking at you Blue Ribbon Sushi, Jewel Bako).

Movie looks great but I'd definitely be food frustrated after seeing it. Not to mention my wallet is cowering at the idea of going to Morimoto, the only world class sushi place in the Philly area, which by the way, is leagues better than the NY location.
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