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So, the type of trolling we'd suspend or ban a regular member for, when it's from the mods, is okay?

C'mon, gentlemen!* This is a culinary thread! Is it so hard to ask you to temper your jew-baiting and insults in a culinary discussion, as I undoubtedly did? Is it so difficult to draw a connection between typically culinary subjects, such as oven, and Jews? Are you that brain-deficient? As a negroid and gingeroid, I submit that you are; but at least in the past you've managed to pretend at human level intelligence.

In any case, since you had absolutely nothing to say about the actual content of my post, I can only assume that Paddy is choking down Thing-balls as we speak, and Chris is doing whatever the snake-people from Conan the Barbarian do to survive. Which I'm pretty sure is dudes.

Every day I cook more delicious stuff than any of you've had outside the most special of special occasions. Would you like a description?

* And Paddy.
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