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Time Signatures Vs. Tempo

I know this much about music theory *holds hands apart about 4 inches*. One thing I've never gotten my head around is deciding, as a tabber, to use 4/4 time at 120 BPM using eight-notes, or 4/4 time at 60 BPM using 16th notes. Here's what I mean - the following two images show the same notes being played at the same speed (relative to the tempo, obviously):

01 | 02

I just read on Wikipedia that it doesn't matter which you choose outside of practical reasons, such as readability of the notes and the ease of placing them on the stave. Something tells me that's either wrong or I've misunderstood it because it's a little bit "loose" for my liking as far as the rules of music theory go. I mean, going by that I could just tab everything in 1/1 if I wanted to and no one could say shit to me. NO ONE
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