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The saddest thing about Jews is that they can't really transfer that look to other races. It just doesn't quite fit. Anyone of any colour or nationality can look fine in a Buddhist jumpsuit or a priest's skirt but for the whole Jew look to be successful it pretty much requires the correct genetics, i.e. those of a space reptilian oven-jockey.

Check it out:

Just doesn't look right at all, and that muthafucka's a Scientologist!

Gingerness, on the other hand, looks good on anyone:

It looks especially good on PST's mama's forehead, which is where I generally rest my ginger balls* after a hard day's ejaculating into the abyss, aka Jewssy. Speaking of yo' mama, PST - can you maybe buy her an electric blanket or something? Every time she creeks open that ice-cave of a pussy she offsets the effects of global warming by about 12%. When I came on her tits the last time a frozen length of spunk damn near bolted her to the wall of the public toilet cubical where she works to keep you in whisks and paper plates.

* they're not naturally ginger, she just likes me to dye them ginger in the hopes that having ginger balls on her face will offset the gypsy curse placed upon her family which causes her offspring to be ginger and unable to do anything apart from fry eggs and sell them for 12 each to liberal faggots.
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