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Originally Posted by PST 88
You're kidding yourself if you don't think you'd gobble them down like the well-worn, gnawed-upon pink plastic dildo you keep hidden underneath tax papers in your desk and think we don't all know about, but we do, kid, we do.

Shows what you know. Mine is orange, Jew! Come with me, I have a well to show you.

You, sir, are an interesting case study. Do j00z ever masquerade as gingers to avoid being tossed down wells? Not that you're a ginger or anything (you are), but it would be a nifty little disguise to have, wouldn't it? Not only that, but if you carried your Jew gold around in burlap sacks, everyone would assume you were carrying potatoes like a true ginger and leave you alone to pillage Wall Street from your underground bunkers.

I feel like how Ron Paul supporters must feel every time they expose some vast, extremely real conspiracy! High.
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!
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