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Originally Posted by Chris Rezendes
I'll never understand why chicks seem to like pink lemonade so much.
Girls like pink stuff, it's not rocket science son! It's funny, even though they love pink cushions, underwear, sofas, dresses and other girl's vaginas they seem almost disgusted by the sight of bright pink weeping scabs all over a man's torso and inner thighs. What gives? If they were on a puppy they'd be considered special kisses from dog-angels or something, but put 'em on a man who's otherwise healthy apart from the fat and the mental illness and suddenly it's a fuckin' turn-off.

Have you seen the latest post on that blog PST mentioned?

What cunt is gonna make that pish as a snack? There's gotta be at least 42 different utensils involved in that shit for a start. But more importantly, the last thing I want to think about on my way to bed is something that looks like one of The Thing's infected bollocks.

I swear to fucking Christ I'd HATE living with a professional chef. Not only would they be insufferable smug cunts come dinner time with their special pans and imported broccoli, they'd probably never let you so much as butter some toast without standing over your shoulder telling you how you're supposed to spread UP UP DOWN UP and not UP DOWN DOWN UP. Also, fuck Jews and anyone who is "professional" at anything except for prostitutes and skin doctors.
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