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I think it's probably safe to dismiss anyone who swears allegiance to one and only one particular way of thinking, be it liberalism, conservatism or autism. The world isn't black and white except in Poland and parts of Ohio.

Alright Barry/MIND, let's stop pussyfooting around the issue; I have a few questions for you.

1. What's your view on race (not immigration)?
2. What's your view on gay marriage?
3. What's your view on paedophile priests?
4. What's your view on northerners?

I'll break the ice by giving my answers first. Here we go!

1. All races are not equal, if they were equal there wouldn't be racism. Therefore, whites are the bestest

2. Gays have every right to grow to hate each other just like the rest of us. They shouldn't complain about not being able to do it in a church, however. It's like an able-bodied person screaming "discrimination!" by not being allowed to join a wheelchair rugby club. It's not for YOU. If I believed in God and the godliness of church I would have the opposite opinion (weirdly), but I don't; I believe it's a racket, like a social club with a really weird dress code. If you don't like the rules go to a different club. If I wanted to have a heterosexual sex session in a men's swimming baths I'd be chased out with my cock between my legs (which is admittedly where it tends to be most of the time anyway) and that's hardly a "sanctified" place so much as it's a cum-slicked, hair-plugged white-enamel warehouse, but I'm not gonna write to my congressman about it because it's a club which wasn't set up for me.

3. I'm in favour of them; recovering from a torn, gaping anus builds character a hell of a lot quicker than a spell in the army.

4. Northerners like to think they're above everyone else, just because they are. Geographically speaking, anyway.
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