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Given that most of you think this MIND fella is me trolling you seem to be doing a hell of a lot of troll-friendly posting!

MIND, Bobbi is indeed a lone voice in the wilderness, if by "wilderness" you mean "the metal tabs forum" and by "a lone voice" you mean "not a lone voice". I'm atheist but I've mentioned on the forum a few times in the past that Jesus - real or not - had some good shit to say (or have attributed to him by others). There's a trend to discount every single thing about religion when one is an atheist, but to me that's kinda missing the point. Saying Jesus is wrong when he promotes non-violence and meekness on the one hand and then hating religion because of fundamentalist violence on the other is like saying "MacDonalds sells delicious burgers, but I ate a burger from Burger King and it tasted like shit, therefore MacDonalds and every other burger joint in town can go fuck themselves". If you're not into burger analogies, try this one: don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

I don't know about God but I'm pretty sure MIND hates fags. He self-censors swear words but leaves "faggot" in tact. And what the fucking fuck was the point of censoring "retarded" to remove the last E? He already spelled out "retard" which was the offensive part! What a fuckin* stupi* wank*r.

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