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1. Falling in love with a man I've never met is a strict requirement
2. God still hates fags
3. He's leaving the earth to be shit on by a red satyr while the believers chill
4. There's plans for a totalitarian regime that lasts forever

1. You've never had a deep relationship with someone you've never seen before and you've been on the internet how long?
2. New testament- point that out to me. I don't see it. People hate fags. God loves everybody.
3. Christians are to be the most persecuted people on the planet. They're the red satyr's most targeted audience.
4. Yeah, buddy! I can't comprehend it, but I'm still figuring out a lot of other things.

Time wasn't necessarily the same then as now. They didn't use one of the present day calenders so who's to say how time was determined. Is Mt. Ararat still determined to be the place of the ark?

I agree that the Bible may have it's distortions in translations. One of my friends that's more studied than me was actually questioning the same Bible passage written 2 different ways and, in doing so, produced 2 different meanings. When something like that happens I'd refer someone back to a direct translation of the Greek text since that was the original. But, personally, I take what I can apply to my own life to become a better person and be done with it. I studied very briefly with some Jehovah Witnesses just to see where they were coming from in their ideas. Their lack of celebrating life events was the first thing that turned me off, but the most major was when I point blank asked if biblical passages had one meaning or many. Their reply was only one. I don't believe that for a second because no two people are identical or have identical lives. Needless to say, I'm not a Bible thumper that reads every day, but I do have Divine thought daily.
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