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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Gomers, I can understand what you're saying if there wasn't historical stuff to back it up. Don't make me quote stuff cuz I can't even quote stuff I've written myself. There's a lot of parellels in different religions about loving others as you would yourself and guidelines that just seem like common sense to live and let live, but in Christianity the resurrection is the most important part. Sometimes even people who are biblically tuned go a long time before they have a realization. Faith isn't an intense constant. Even the disciples who had Jesus right with them had some issues with less than faithful thoughts. It's part of being human.
I think a lot of times the religious entities that get the most publicity are the most detrimental to Christianity. Old Testament writings are before Jesus's teaching and he hung out with all sorts of people who did all the stuff preached against in the Old Testament. The thing is He loved them, and us, regardless. Whether they, or we, loved Him was up to us.
I hope that doesn't come out as preachy because that's never my intention.

There is precious little historical backing. Slavery in Egypt? Not demonstrated. Thousands of people walking back and forth across the Sinai for forty years? Not a shred of evidence. Global flood? Never happened. Kill all the first born in Palestine? Never happened. The bible tells us the dead got up of their graves on the day of the crucifiction. Surely this would warrant some miniscule piece of writing outside the bible? Remember, this was during the height of the Roman empire and them buggers sure knew how to keep their provincial tallies. The bible we have today? The result of some old guys voting on it. We do not know who wrote the gospels - in fact there is not a single eye witness account for any of the spectacular new testament events. And even if there were, I would remind you that there are eye witness accounts not even a decade old about alien abductions. All apart from six-day creation, talking snakes, stuffing the fauna of an entire planet onto a boat, condoning of slavery and so on. Yep, that last one too. In Jesus's own words - I have not come to change the law. The only law he revoked was the sacrificial law.

And you have to wonder about the resurrection. So that's what everything builds on. OK. A biological process that have never been elsewhere observed in nature. In fact, you could make a strong argument from principles of basic physics that it will never happen. This leaves us with pure, good old magic. So, a single, magical event in some obscure and largely unknown corner of the world, at a time of extremely limited global communication, is the way the almighty lord-on-high of wossname chooses to divulge how to escape unending torment. Yea, the concept of hell is not introduced until the new testament. I dunno. I don't think we have the foundations of a working partnership here.
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