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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
The thing is He loved them, and us, regardless. Whether they, or we, loved Him was up to us.
I hope that doesn't come out as preachy because that's never my intention.

I still occasionally go to church just to hang with friends and family since it's a pretty laid back place.. They almost exclusively deal in the new testament and stick to talking about mercy and what not. They also don't teach flat earth theory or young earth creationism. There are a few intrinsic problems with the new testament though.

1. Falling in love with a man I've never met is a strict requirement
2. God still hates fags
3. He's leaving the earth to be shit on by a red satyr while the believers chill
4. There's plans for a totalitarian regime that lasts forever

The first one presents some serious issues. I'm fine with Hitler maybe making it to the pearly gates, but the non-Christian Jews getting the shaft seems a tad unfair. The second one is dumb since he's basically admitting to creating people that are beyond help. The last two are just fucked up for obvious reasons. Democracy seems impossible in a heavenly dictatorship.

Reconciling that stuff was beyond me.
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