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Originally Posted by Gomli
Religion is awesome!
Shows how creative mankind can be, I love it
In a world, where every member of every single religion would take their holy laws and holy books literally and I mean really literal(!) there'd be so much misogynism, homophobia, pure intolerance, fear, violence, all of this mixed together with this infantile behaviour "my intergalactic, omniscient, invisible friend is so much cooler than yours so I have to hate you, bomb your house and ring at your neighbours door and say how awesome my believe is!!1".
Man I hate those dudes ringing at your door and asking you if you want to know more about the bible/thora/quran etc. Religion is like one of the most private things ever, come on if god/yhwe/allah etc. wants me to believe in him and follow his way why doesn't he send me a personal message like a dream, which is so direct and clear that there's no possible room for different interpretations?
I'd love to hang myself into some sort of hope, like there's life after death and that I'd even have a soul which will be safed from whatever but personally I just can't. It's way to unscientific for my taste (statements like "of course it's unscientific, god etc. loves all of us and IS all of us " give me heartburn) and also I got a pretty deep relationship with death. Somehow I experienced a lot of deaths (not only my father) and unnessecary suffering which showed me that my life is more important than death and what happens afterwards (i.e. nothing).Believe me I often lie in my bed at nighttime and think of what happens when you die and that scares the shit outta me but still humans are just animals with a more complex central nervous system which allows us to do SCIENCE and that is fuckin awesome. I need no rules or a specific path I should follow to find revelation AFTER my life, that happens when you follow the things that make you happy and do everything you want to do and then, when you're about to die, you can say fuck yeah that was kinda awesome as far to this point. That is what makes me happy.
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Gomers, I can understand what you're saying if there wasn't historical stuff to back it up. Don't make me quote stuff cuz I can't even quote stuff I've written myself. There's a lot of parellels in different religions about loving others as you would yourself and guidelines that just seem like common sense to live and let live, but in Christianity the resurrection is the most important part. Sometimes even people who are biblically tuned go a long time before they have a realization. Faith isn't an intense constant. Even the disciples who had Jesus right with them had some issues with less than faithful thoughts. It's part of being human.
I think a lot of times the religious entities that get the most publicity are the most detrimental to Christianity. Old Testament writings are before Jesus's teaching and he hung out with all sorts of people who did all the stuff preached against in the Old Testament. The thing is He loved them, and us, regardless. Whether they, or we, loved Him was up to us.
I hope that doesn't come out as preachy because that's never my intention.
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