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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Cool, now I'm following you. I have a tweeter friend! Facebook me too. I only have Gomers, Ian, and Waylon on FB. Texts From Bennett is so great, and I so hope its real.

If I remember correctly you said you're a big fan of Dead Can Dance, right? They just announced European tour dates and are scheduling a US one. I. Am. Stoked.

I actually deleted my facebook a little over a month ago. I got really freaked out by my family members knowing what I was doing, and even more freaked out by them bringing up awkward conversations at the dinner table. I didn't want to delete them and be mean and I don't NEED facebook.

Yeah I'm a huge fan of Dead Can Dance, been watching the tour dates very closely. They've had this tour announced forfuckingever, it's about time. Really excited to see Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard on the stage together. They're DCD-era albums are so much stronger than their solo albums. Not that Lisa Gerrard isn't amazing on her own but the DCD stuff really takes the cake.
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